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Traditional gaffed rigged schooner type sailing Boat (Mada out of Malagasy Hardwoods : Nato, Anakaraka & Katrafay)

  • Total length: 22,50m
  • Overall length : 75ft (23m)
  • Keel length : 56ft (17m)
  • Deck length : 58ft (17.8m)
  • Deck width : 12ft (3.6m)
  • Heavy cotton canvas sails
  • Sail surface : 1,894 sq. ft (176 m2)
  • Width: 3,60m
  • Sails in havy coton canvas
  • Weight : 20 tons
  • Charge : 33.21 gross tonnage
  • Inboard engine : 150 HP 6 cylinders PERKINS
  • Fibreglass tender : 21ft (6.5m) long with 15HP outboard engin
  • 4 x  85W solar panels with Victron Pure Sinus 1200W 12V-220V Pure Sine wave inveter/Charger
  • Magnum MS-E Series Pure Sine Wave inverter/charger
  • Safety equipment : INMARSAT Satellite phone, GPS, Echo-Sounder Buoy & Life Jackets


NOFY BE is primarily a sailing boat. The principle of our cruises is to favour sailing, but for safety reasons, the boat is equipped with:

A 150 HP PERKINS inboard engine 
An unsinkable fibreglass tender with 15Hp outboard engine 
Life jackets for adults and children
An Echo sounder
A handheld GPS
An Inmarsat satellite phone (00 870 776 420 558),

Telephone and Internet connection (although very slow) are available on several locations along the West coast of Madagascar through the 3 main Malagasy Operators (Orange, Airtel or Telma).

Tsanga Tsanga Soa s.a.r.l., the owner and operator of NOFY BE has a Boat Owner’s Public Liability Insurance subscribed by Société SAHAM, a Malagasy Insurance Company (Assurance Responsabilité Civile de Propriétaire de Navire de Mer: 4.253.980.000 Ariary, No de Police: 51/001 645/11 SOCIETE COLINA – MADAGASCAR S.A., 2 Place de l’Indépendance, Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR).
However it is strongly recommended that you take an adequate personal travel Insurance. In case of accident, repatriation costs to bring you to the nearest decent hospital (South Africa or Reunion Island) could be horrendous. Madagascar is a very poor country and its medical facilities are very restricted…

We recommend you give us your travel Insurance details (contact & policy number) on booking so that we can enter them on the boat’s logbook to be within immediate reach in the unlikely event of an accident.


BY : Alexandre Fortabat, Naval Architect
Phone : +33 (0)6 79 41 75 74 – E-mail : alexandre@fortabatdesign.com – Web : www.fortabatdesign.com

Original plans for these traditional Breton “goélettes” or “botry” as they are called in Malagasy (gaff rigged schooners) can no longer be found. They got lost with time. Belo-sur-mer’s boat builders build them from templates handed down from generation to generation. Alexandre, a young naval architect at the time, was amongst one of our first passengers on NOFY BE. He fell in love with the boat and in exchange for a discounted ride he offered to measure NOFY BE and draw her plans needed to register her with the Malagasy Authorities. She is the first and probably still the only traditional Malagasy “botry” to have an official Certificate of Naturalization as a Malagasy vessel!