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Morondava - Majunga

From 01/05 to 10/05/2020
10 days 800 € / pers

Morondava – Majunga

DAY 1: MORONDAVA – navigation to the Barren Islands Departure from the pontoon at the Nofy Be Club House at high tide for a first long navigation (105 nautical miles +/- 24h).

DAY 2: The Barren Islands, the most southerly, NOSY MANGILY. These islands are inhabited according to the seasons by the nomadic Vezo who migrate there for fishing. We will stay in contact with this population for a few hours, learn how they live on these islands. The bath is often very good and the snorkelling superb, there will be possibility, for those who are interested, to practice spearfishing. Fishing is plentiful… on the fish menu and more fish.

DAY 3: Departure in the morning for NOSY ANDRANO / NOSY DONDOSY snorkelling, swimming and walking on these islets, one of which was a former guano mining mine. We will anchor there for the night.

DAY 4: NOSY ANABOHAZO (Androtra) – NOSY MAROANTALY – Maintirano Early departure for a small navigation from 1h30 to 2h, snorkelling and ballad on this very pretty island
to discover sea turtle nesting nests. Navigation towards NOSY MAROANTALY, the closest to Maintirano, according to the tides we will anchor there for the night or move towards Maintirano.

DAY 5: MAINTIRANO – sailing through NOSY VAO and KINGALAHY If the tide and the sea state allow it, short stopover in Maintirano to make some supplies of fruits and vegetables. We will then attack a long navigation of about twenty hours.

DAY 6: MANONGOSA river to reach BESALAMPY Return to the estuary of the MANONGOSA River to start as soon as the tide allows, the 25km ascent in this amazing red river. There on our route we can observe in more detail this part of Madagascar isolated from the world. In this river some
crocodiles, but also good numbers of fishermen, scene of life of another time.
Arrival at BESALAMPY, a small, landlocked town in bright colors, only accessible by sea and these 25 km of river in the rainy season. Dinner at the “Port” aboard the boat followed by a few drinks in the lively bars of the city. Night on board or in one of the basic bungalows at the “Bellevue” hotel, the only one in town, for those who want to find dry land for one night.

Free day on land – departure at the end of the afternoon or as soon as the tide allows.

DAY 8: navigation – CAP St ANDRE – navigation
Arrival at VILAMATSA, visit this village to the east of the nearest Cape in Africa, walk along an endless white sand beach with its carcasses of containers washed up to the lighthouse with its breathtaking view of the meeting of turquoise northern waters with red southern waters. Back on board for overnight navigation.

DAY 9: navigation – BALY BAY – navigation
If the winds allow it we return to the Bay and descend to SOALALA for a short visit to the village and formalities for access to the BALY BAY NATIONAL PARK. Crossing by boat to visit the National Park which is the only habitat for the endemic Angonoka turtle, a turtle that does not go beyond the borders of Soalala, also called Astrochelys yniphora or Horned Turtle, endangered species with high protection value classified ” rare”. Among other rare animals there is also the freshwater turtle with high protection value, classified as “endangered” (Erymnochelys madagascariensis), as well as the marine mammal Dugong. Departure at the end of the afternoon for a long navigation towards Nosy Makamby.

DAY 10: navigation – NOSY MAKAMBY – MAJUNGA
Arrival at Nosy MAKAMBY, swimming and walking on this amazing island before
to hoist the sails one last time towards our final destination, MAJUNGA.