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Morondava - Ifaty Mangily

From 10 to 16/04/2020
7 DAYS 560€ in full board

Morondava – Ifaty Mangily

DAY 1 Morondava- Belo / mer:
Departure from Morondava, Nofy be club house. The departure is usually early in the morning, to take advantage of the easterly winds. After 5 to 6 hours of navigation, trolling and a lunch served in navigation. We reach Belo / mer, the temple of the Malagasy schooner, where we built the NOFY BE. Visit the village at sunset… then return to the boat for those who wish. The program is always according to what the vahiny want to undertake.

DAY 2: BELO-SUR-MER / les ilots et Dunes de Mite.
After a first night on board, we leave Belo / mer very early to set sail for the white sand islands that are a few hours offshore. There, snorkeling, stroll on the islets NOSY ANDRIAMITAROKA, meeting with the nomads of the sea who stay during the fishing period. These sites are managed by the National Park, and are chargeable. Depending on the weather, we anchor on the edge of a small island, or join the coast to be early in the morning facing the Mite Dune. There, this place is quite fantastic, rare, and it is really important to be there early in the morning for its ascent and to admire the canopy of this magnificent Baobab forest.

DAY 3:

After this natural Dune de Mite visit, it will be around 10h / 11h, there we take the sea for a big navigation which can bring us to the next night anchorage. The day will be punctuated by catching fish, life on board, and various occupations depending on the weather. Life on board in navigation is full of action, you can participate in the setting of the sails, learn a little more about this marine aspect of sailing. It is very likely to sail at night.

DAY 4:

This stage was the longest in navigation, we avoid Morombe really without interest of discovery … and arrive at the edge of the large lagoon of the south. Arrives at Nosy Andranombala. Swimming, walking on the island, setting up tents for those who prefer to camp, and barbecue on the beach. Sleeping in a tent or on board at anchor.

Early departure to reach and visit the assassins’ bay on foot, mangrove and hinterland. Navigation to Andavadoky.


Exploration of the Bay, surf or paddle if there is a wave at the entrance of the bay and snorkeling outing as desired. Evening at Pierrot, a friend installed in this unusual place.


navigation in this large lagoon from the south towards Salary, visit of the places meeting with the population. Back on board for very beautiful swimming, turquoise and coral waters.


This last day is a great discovery of the coast before arriving at our endpoint until
Massif des Roses for swimming for those who want. Arrival at Ifaty towards the end of the day.

This cruise can also be done in full 7, it is almost the same with a few fewer stops and more navigation.