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Discovery cruises

Setting sail from various locations on the West coast of Madagascar to make the most of seasonal changes of prevailing winds, you will be led by them on a trip back in time along the Canal of Mozambique. Hopping from island to island, anchoring in secret bays, meeting the local Northern “Sakalava” populations and the Southern “Vezo” Nomads of the Sea, exploring undiscovered and hidden locations, snorkelling, fishing, dolphin and humpback whale watching (between middle of July to September), and, if we are lucky, even swimming with whale sharks around November.


THE NORTHWEST – June to December departing from Nosy Be – towards the Radama islands, Nosy Saba, Nosy Lava and Majunga further South (7 to 10 days), or North to the Mitsio islands (5 or 4 days from Port St Louis on the mainland) weather permitting.
Or you can join us on our famous « World Tour of Nosy Be », if you only have 3 spare days.


ROUND TRIPS departing from :

◊ Nosy Be – JULY to NOVEMBER

  • Radama islands (minimum 5 days)

  • The bays on the big island (3 days or more)


  • Belo/mer & islets (3 to 8 days)

◊ Mangily/Ifaty – APRIL & EARLY MAY

  • The great coral reef from Salary to Andavadoaka (minimum 5 days)

THE WEST & SOUTHWEST – April and May departing from Morondava or Mangily/Ifaty – towards the Northwestn: the Barren Islands (8 to 10 days from Morondava), or towards the Southn: Belo-sur-Mer, The Dune of Mité, the islets off Belo-sur-mer, Morombe, Andavadoaka, the Assassins’ Bay, Ambatomilo, Salary, St Augustin Bay and Anakao (3 to 15 days depending how far down you want to go).



  • Mitsio islands (minimum 5 days)

  • Day outings


  • Barren islands (minimum 8 days)